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Yo yo YO WAT UP?! 

That's right baby! This is it!!! 

The NUMBA ONE Super Greg tribute site on the net! 

Its ALL here and its ALL GOOD!!! 

Supa Greg Numba 1 In Da HAUS!!! 

Blue?! What up wit dat?!

The phone man. Always on the phone!!!
Yea yea yea I know what Ur thinking. 
It's all a farce, he, it aint fo real. I mean how can it be?! U is probably thinking that its just too crazy, too Mahir, too nutty to be true. Well, maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. Take your pick below: 

Super Greg is:

For Real

With all due apologies to da man himself, Super Greg Number One, it's not that I dont doubt, I dont. I just feel that people have a right to know both sides of the story. For Real is my true life encounter with da man himself. Not is what I first presented here before the email, before I got the sign; Not is what you'll find out there on the net and the almighty God of the masses, TV. Remember that you can't always believe what you read on the net or see on TV. . . 

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UPDATE 2013/2015 - I have come back and am working on fixing the site, the links to flash and movies!!! I host it all now!
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